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Crazy Coffee Coupons

So we have had quite a few inquiries over the last year about doing certain Popular Coupon deals that are all the rage now.  We have had pretty big reservations because we wanted to give a great deal straight to our customers....and with the big coupon deals, half the deal goes right to the coupon company.  Yay for them for such an ingenious business for our customers who lose some of the deal because there is a middle (wo)man.  Then like that first sip of coffee in the morning, suddenly we were hit with a fresh perspective.  Just give the deal straight to our custies!!!!  Mind you, this will only work if our customers (you) spread the word to anyone you might think would benefit from the great deals being offered. If there is a good response we will make it a yearly deal. So that being said......drum are the 3 crazy good deals:  

**Coupons Epired**


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